Facebook Automation Software

New facebook automation software to market your products and services to professional online marketers that are active on Facebook and actually looking for stuff that helps them to get more leads and traffic to the business opportunities in 2018.


If you market on the facebook platform, then you know how hard it is now to get any engagement with your friends and fellow marketers. Facebook changed a lot in 2017 and they just don’t like business opportunities seekers or providers. Affiliate marketing has become difficult and most of the facebook adverts accounts get shut down very quickly.

The key to your success is to maximize your facebook friends to 5000. More people will actually see your stuff and you will also get more engagement. Unfortunately most people only got about 300 to 500 friends and adding more people is not easy. A lof of marketing friends are getting into facebook jail by adding to many at once.

The new facebook software is a killer one. No more facebook jail and adding thousands of people at once is now possible. Imagine you can get as many people to join you on facebook at will without getting into jail. This is a new way for you to make facebook work for you in 2018.